Crispy 6

CRISPY 6 was formed in 2013. Its founder, Mr. Six, is a traveler who loves the pursuit of freedom and healthy living. Mr. Six loves eating fruits and brings large quantities of them every time when he travels. However, the fruits became inconvenient to carry due to the weights and sizes. Moreover, Mr. Six has limitation in choosing fruits, because those he wanted were out of season.

During one of his trip to arctic, where the temperature was below -40°C, Mr. Six accidentally left the fruits in the outdoor. For some reason, the fruits were dehydrated under this -40°C environment, and they were a lot lighter than before. The curiosity made Mr. Six took a bite and discovered that the freeze-dried fruits were crispy and still tasty.

The excitement and inspiration from that fruit taste, motivated Mr. Six established the brand, CRISPY 6, developing freeze-drying fruits technology and promoting freeze-dried fruit products. Now Mr. Six can enjoy the fruits he loves anywhere in any season.


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